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The Weekly Wit, Issue #006
September 06, 2007

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Now, sit back, prepare for a chuckle or two, and enjoy!

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New Mark Twain Stories.


A cop’s range of language is spacious
A ball player’s blue and pugnacious;
A conductor can cuss,
A stage driver is wuss,
But as for a sailor---good gracious!


In these days of uncertain waist-line, it is as difficult for a woman to tell how high up on her back to pin her skirt, as for a bald-headed man to know where to stop washing his face.

A Willing Rescuer


Fair bather: ”Help! There’s a mouse in here!”


“Come up and join the army of the Lord, sister!”

“I have already joined.”

“Where did you join?”

“I joined the Baptist Church.”

“Lordy, sister, that ain’t the army! That’s the navy!”


Tom: “Why don’t you marry that girl? She is a real pearl.”

Jack: “Because I don’t like mother-of-pearl.”

It’s great to be American. Always has been. Enjoy!

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