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The Weekly Wit, Issue #007
September 11, 2007

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New Mark Twain Stories.

In the Shade of a Lemonade Straw

Tinkle, tinkle, bit of ice!
Jiminy, but you sound nice,
As you clink and clink and fade
In a glass of lemonade!

Bugville Fair


Opening of the Bugville county fair.

Advice With A String To It

Two young men, of short acquaintance, were talking together when George, the older of the two, became suddenly very confidential.

"I am much bothered," he said. "I can marry a wealthy widow whom I don’t love or a poor girl that I do love intensely. What shall I do?"

"Listen to you heart," advised his companion, "and marry the one you love."

"You are right, my friend. I shall marry the girl."

"Then can you give me the widow’s address?"

Four Women Standing


"Do you believe in a tax on bachelors?"

"Yes, indeed! Which one shall we attack first?"


We read the advertisements,
Consulted railroad maps,
And ate our hasty lunches
With guide-books in our laps.
We asked the price of tickets
By steamer or by rail,
To half a hundred places
Beyond the reach of mail.

We argued on the merits
Of cottage or hotel,
And quarreled over seaside
And spa and mountain dell;
And since we could not settle
Just where we wished to roam,
The same as every summer
Behold! We stayed at home.

Minna Irving

It’s great to be American. Always has been. Enjoy!

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