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The Weekly Wit, Sample Issue
July 16, 2007

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Now, sit back, prepare for a chuckle or two, and enjoy!

At the Asylum

Visitor: “What’s wrong with the man in that cell?”

Attendant: “He’s a doughnut.”

Visitor: “You mean that he hallucinates that he is a doughnut?”

Attendant: “No; he really is. He went crazy on the subject of money.”

The Rescue
The Rescue

After the Ball
After The Ball

The image above was drawn from one continuous line, including the artist’s signature!


Little Miss Muffet
She sat in a buffet,
Partaking of a Scotch highball;
Along came a wooer
And sat down next to her,
But she didn’t frighten at all!

In The Family

Little Miss Muffet,
She sat on a tuffet,
Hoping her sweetheart would stay;
But along came her mother,
Her father and brother,
And frightened her suitor away.

It’s great to be American. Always has been. Enjoy!

© 2007
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