Comics and Quips 002


He: "If you had two wishes, what would you wish for?"

She: "Well, I’d wish to get married."

He: "That’s one."

She: "And I’d save the other till I saw how he turned out."

As It Looks to a Confirmed Bachelor

As It Looks to a Confirmed Bachelor

The Small Boy

It is now you see that his greed is strong,
As he picks out a stocking for Christmas.
Could he have his way, he would have it as long
As the coming canal at the Isthmus.

Dr. Saintly: “Every one should give according to his means.”

Dyer: “But most give according to their meanness.”

The Family’s Solicitude

The Family’s Solicitude

Their rich uncle mentions that he is thirsty.

Little Boy Going to Bed

“Aren’t you going to say your prayers, Tommy?”

“No, mamma. There ain’t nothin’ I want to-night. Wait till Christmas. Then I’ll have a long one.”

It’s great to be American. Always has been. Enjoy!

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