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Mark Twain

This is our Mark Twain humorous short stories on-line page. We offer you a special selection of his stories that you may not be familiar with.

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Naturally, Twain’s writings were influenced by his experience. He had many capacities and talents, including steamboat pilot, writer, lecturer, essayist, entrepreneur, traveler and more.

It may be that his lecturing tours influenced the style of the pieces we include here, because we think they are wonderfully suited to audio presentation. To demonstrate our point we have recorded selected pieces for you.

(A note: We have lightly edited some of the following works. Our intent is to clarify now-unfamiliar subjects and to update outdated language.)

Mark Twain and The Interviewer (approx 1450 words)
Listen to a sample of Mark Twain and the Interviewer on our Audio Recordings page!
Mark Twain Buying Gloves in Gibraltar (approx 500 words)
Mark Twain on the First Woman In Nevada (approx 200 words)
The Steamboat Race by Mark Twain (approx 1550 words)
Mark Twain’s Nevada Funeral (approx 1700 words)
A Mysterious Visit (approx 1770 words)
Experience Of The McWilliams's With Membranous Croup (approx 2400 words)
How To Tell a Story (approx 2000 words)
Luck (approx 1650 words)
Mark Twain the Name (approx 650 words) - The origin of this famous pen name.
Punch, Brothers, Punch (approx 1940 words)
Mark Twain Quotes (approx 840 words) - A list of quotes from Mark Twain… this is a small selection of the many, many quotes from Mark Twain.
Mark Twain Essays on Politics: Running for Governor (approx 1775 words)
Speech on the Babies (approx 1100 words)
Speech on the Weather (approx 1180 words)
The Undertaker's Chat (approx 915 words)

It’s great to be American. Always has been. Enjoy!

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