Favorite Funny Poems and Short Stories to Read Online

We offer several poems and short stories to read online (right here, on this website), that have been selected from hundreds and hundreds of period writings.

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We’ve learned that while our past contains some very funny material, it also holds a lot that needs to be winnowed out. Some material is out-dated. Some is lame and falls flat. Some is startlingly offensive.

Funny poetry, you ask? Who reads poetry, you ask? We think you will be surprised at how funny poetry can be…if you can find the right poems. We have done that for you.

Did you know that John Philip Sousa wrote funny poetry? You can read one right here. You can also listen to it because…

…we know that humor is a lively subject. It enjoys company and an audience. It is meant to be performed and read aloud. We’re on it. We have produced audio recordings that include these pieces. You can even listen to samples on our audio recordings page!

(A note: We have lightly edited some of the following works. Our intent is to clarify now-unfamiliar subjects and to update outdated language.)

Here we go, starting with an excellent example of rhyming & timing by the March King himself:

The Feast of the Monkeys, by John Philip Sousa (Poem, approx 600 words)
Lewis on Mean Men (Short story, approx 220 words)
Max Adler on Going to Sleep (Short story, approx 650 words)
Synopsis of the Play (Short story, approx 1025 words)
The Kicking Mule (Short story, approx 450 words)
Too Inquisitive (Short story, approx 235 words)
M. Quad’s Satire on Foreign Charity (Short story, approx 350 words)
Satire on the Commercial Traveler (Short story, approx 450 words)
Similar Cases by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (Poem, approx 650 words)
The Rhyme of the Chivalrous Shark by Wallace Irwin (Poem, approx 300 words)
My Sweetheart by Samuel Minturn Peck (Poem, approx 275 words)
Putting Up a Stove Pipe by James Montgomery Bailey (Short story, approx 800 words)
My First Cigar by Robert J. Burdette (Poem, approx 275 words)
Uncle Bentley and the Roosters by Hayden Carruth (Short story, approx 950 words)
Casey At The Bat by Ernest Lawrence Thayer (Poem, approx 580 words)

It’s great to be American. Always has been. Enjoy!

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