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Original and Vintage Images

In our quest to bring the best old fashioned American humor to you, our loyal fans, we have come across many interesting pieces of work, including vintage images. This is one area that we haven't fully explored yet. Some of these images are fascinating all by themselves… others needed a bit of sprucing up.

Here for your enjoyment are a wide variety of vintage and original images. The majority of these images are vintage, but some are original works in the vein of old fashioned American humor and entertainment. And some are a hybrid of old and new.

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It's great to be American. Always has been. Enjoy!

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Mark Twain 001

"Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned." – Mark Twain.


"The officer in charge of the infant-tree, awaiting orders."

Lion Pair

Vintage image of male and female lions.


Great vintage black and white photo of two bulldogs. Really depicts the tough demeanor of the breed. Looks like two brothers, good friends. Dog lovers should like this!

Fruit Bat

Black and white vintage Fruit bat image, species name included. People who like wildlife and things that fly in the night will enjoy this picture.

Fruit Batboy

Black and white bat for the person who likes wildlife. If you also like baseball, you will hit a home run with this bat!

Chipping Sparrow

Beautifully colored vintage image of a chipping sparrow, in tree near its nest, with vivid blue sky. Great for birdlovers.

Mother and Father Goose

A great image of Mother and Father goose. Kids especially will enjoy this one!

Sparrow Hawks

A vintage image of a pair of sparrow hawks.


Vintage image of an ocelot ready to pounce! Bring this uniquely marked cat home with you today!


Vintage Zebra image, great for kids!


A vintage image of a wolf on alert, looking and listening…

Man w/Bird 1

"You can be oh-so clever, or you can be oh-so pleasant."

Man w/Bird 2

"I may look kinda stupid, but I am also kinda happy."


"A do-over, that's it… I want a do-over!"

Highland Cattle

Beautiful vintage image of Highland cattle.

Highland Cattle With Scenery

Vintage image of beautiful Highland cattle in a natural setting. Gorgeous colors.


Vintage image of a Gnu, with an "added" twist. "Be patient… I'm a gnu-bee."

Truthful Jester

"In jest we speak the truth."

The Bargain

"The Bargain... Who cooks tonight? Who gets up with the baby?"

Woman Contemplating

"Cable or rented movie? Popcorn or corn chips? Beer or margarita?"

Tapir 1

"Does the tapir taper?
It really depends...
The tapir does taper,
Just not on both ends."

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