Trouble Sleeping?
Let Grampa Beesley read you to sleep. Really! Gramma Beesley often has trouble sleeping, but she nods off very quickly when Grampa reads to her. She says his voice is soothing and reassuring (we think she really means boring, but it does help her fall asleep).

Grampa has recorded excerpts from vintage children’s stories. These readings are suitable for young and old. They are simple, pleasant and relaxing. Visit, listen and drift away. Nightie-night!

Priceless Humor
From the 1800's

A favorite subject of ours! Priceless humor was the subject that got us started on the Old Fashioned American concept.

The more we looked into humor from the 1800's, the more we realized how much Americans relished and supported snickers and belly laughs.

  • There were dozens of newspaper humorists.
  • There were constant humor lectures and established lecture circuits.
  • There were shelves of humorous collections published in book form.

It was the heyday of American humor.

We liked the subject so much that we recorded our own priceless humor collection of short, hilarious stories, poems and monologues (a bit more of a challenge than we expected).

This was the era of Mark Twain...The King of the genre. He was so grand that we have an entire section devoted just to him.

There were many, many other authors and wits that have been forgotten. We aim to correct that. Their work (well, much of it) is worthy of a fresh airing.

Many of these authors and wits used pen names. Perhaps the most famous is the King himself, Samuel Clemens (a.k.a. Mark Twain).

Folksy poetry was popular in the 1800's. James Whitcomb Riley wrote books of the stuff. (Some was actually quite beautiful, but this is a site about humor, so we'll overlook the pretty stuff.)

Many humorists of the day were fascinated with local dialects. Mozis Adams (a pen name) wrote a then-famous piece in dialect that is generally understandable, funny and even touching.

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For some of our favorite resources, take a look in our Humor Hunting Hints: More Than Funny Websites area.

It's great to be American. Always has been. Enjoy!

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