Humor Hunting Hints: More Than Funny Humor Websites

The internet has many very funny humor websites, as well as serious, fruitful sites for the slightly informed treasure hunter.

The printed volume of American humor during the late 1800’s was enormous. You could haunt antique shops and used book stores to find some of the old material…or…you can do it the easy way via the internet:

  • eBay is a good source if you know the title or author, and want to buy the publication.
  • is terrific, it specializes in used books and allows you to search by subject as well as title or author.
  • Project Gutenberg is aces, with several search methods and FREE downloads of thousands of books.

Following is a sampling of the wits and humorists from the late 1800’s with published works that Project Gutenberg has made available for FREE download!

Ade, George
Adeler, Max
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey
Bangs, John Kendrick
Bryant, William Cullen
Burgess, Gelett
Carman, Bliss
Carruth, Hayden
Chambers, Robert W.
Chester, George Randolph
Cox, Kenyon
Curtis, George William
Cutting, Mary Stewart
Day, Holman F.
Drummond, William Henry
Dunne, Finley Peter
Eggleston, Edward
Fern, Fanny
Field, Eugene
Fields, James T.
Ford, Sewell
Greene, Sarah P. McLean
Habberton, John
Hale, Edward Everett
Hale, Lucretia P.
Harris, Joel Chandler
Harte, Bret
Hawthorne, Nathaniel
Hay, John
Holley, Marietta
Hough, Emerson
Hovey, Richard
Howells, William Dean
Irving, Washington
Irwin, Wallace
Jerrold, Douglas
Josiah Allen’s Wife
Kelly, Myra
Leland, Charles Godfrey
Lewis, Alfred Henry
Locke, David Ross
Lorimer, George Horace
Lowell, James Russell
Lynde, Francis
MacGrath, Harold
McHugh, Hugh
McIntyre, John T.
Mitchell, Donald Grant
Morris, George P.
Nicholson, Meredith
Noble, Alden Charles
Nye, Bill
Osbourne, Lloyd
Peck, George
Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart
Quick, Herbert
Read, Opie P.
Riley, James Whitcomb
Sabin, Edwin L.
Scollard, Clinton
Smith, F. Hopkinson
Smith, Sydney
Sousa, John Philip
Spofford, Harriet Prescott
Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Taylor, Bayard
Thanet, Octave
Townsend, George Alfred
Trowbridge, J.T.
Twain, Mark (lots & lots)
Ward, Artemus
Warner, Anne
Warner, Charles Dudley
Waterloo, Stanley
Wells, Carolyn
Wister, Owen

Gutenberg is an amazing resource. Share it with your friends. They will be impressed and grateful, and it won’t cost you anything!

It’s great to be American. Always has been. Enjoy!

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