Comics and Quips 010

Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment

Little James: "Pa, what is capital punishment?"

Congressman (who has just finished reading a number of complaints from muck-raking constituents): "Well, son, I think it means sending a man to Washington, D.C."

On The Ark

On The Ark

Noah: "There, now Shem! I knew I'd forget something."
Shem: "What is it, pop?"
Noah: "Tomato-cans with labels for the goats."

Another Bird

"Don't you think it's a duck of a bonnet?" said Mrs. Taddells to her husband, whom she had dragged to a hat-maker's shop.

"What's the price?" asked Mr. Taddells, warily.

"Only fifty dollars."

"No, it's not a duck of a bonnet; it's a pelican."

"Why do you say that?"

"A pelican has a bigger bill."

In Oklahoma

In Oklahoma

First Native: "Bill Jenkins and his wife hev separated."
Second Native: "Divorce?"
First Native: "Nope; cyclone."

It’s great to be American. Always has been. Enjoy!

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