Funny animal limericks were common years ago, but it was less common to create a sequence of these limericks into a story. The Erratic Rat is a very short story, true, but it shows the whimsical, silly, imaginative flavors from this clever era.

A Brief Limerick Story:
The Erratic Rat

There was a ridiculous Rat
Who was awfully puffy and fat.
     “I’ll carry,” he said,
     “This plate on my head,
‘Twill answer in place of a hat.”
The Jingle Book, The Erratic Rat 1
The Jingle Book, The Erratic Rat 2And then he remarked with a frown,
“I suppose that I must have a gown;
    I’ll make me a kilt
    Of this old crazy-quilt,
To wear when I’m going to town.

“And of course, though the weather is warm,
It may be there’ll come up a storm;
    An umbrella I’ll make
    Of a caraway cake,
It’ll match with my whole uniform.
"And I’ll carry a bottle of ink
In case I should wish for a drink;
    And this flat-iron so sweet
    I’ll take with me to eat,
And now I am ready, I think.”
The Jingle Book, The Erratic Rat 3

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