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Trouble Sleeping?
Let Grampa Beesley read you to sleep. Really! Gramma Beesley often has trouble sleeping, but she nods off very quickly when Grampa reads to her. She says his voice is soothing and reassuring (we think she really means boring, but it does help her fall asleep).

Grampa has recorded excerpts from vintage stories. These readings are suitable for young and old. They are simple, pleasant and relaxing. Visit, listen and drift away. Nightie-night!
Swiss Family Robinson
Buddy Jim
Mother West Wind
Little Bear

You'll find quotes from Mark Twain (the King of the genre). You'll find audio downloads ranging from a short and funny story to short funny monologues (Now available! See our "Store" page for more information, including samples!). You'll find the works of many, many forgotten humorists that deserve a fresh billing.

We think you will giggle and grin and be surprised at how times may change, but good humor doesn't...it stays vibrantly current, making us laugh as hard as our ancestors.

Whether you grew up in the 20's, 50's or 90's...whether you remember stories Grandpa told, or whether you're the family comedian telling the stories now...we hope you find chuckles and inspiration here.


Thank you, friend, for stopping by. Poke around. Drop in again. Don't be shy about making suggestions, because this site is for you. Let us know how we can improve your experience.

We'll be updating our material and looking forward to seeing you again.

It's great to be American. Always has been. Enjoy!

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